Micki’s Dance Connection is very proud to have a very strong MDC Competitive Team consisting of presently 115 dancers ranging in age from 3 – 18 years. Our competitive team consists of dancers who love to perform and compete in a positive, fun environment that instills self-esteem, discipline , creativity, confidence, work ethic and development of well-rounded, technically trained dancers.

The MDC competitive team enters in four – five competitions each year that are in the months of April & May.

Within our large MDC competitive team we are fortunate to be able to offer 2 different levels of competitive dance. Level 1, or ‘B’ Company team is designed for the student who loves to dance and wishes to compete, but does not want to train more than 6 hours per week.  This program requires less hours of training than our ‘A’ Company team, keeping the number of classes and time commitments down.  ‘B’ Company team is lead by Miss Jennifer and has dancers ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old.  This program offers the opportunity to excel in all areas of performance, while building confidence, self esteem, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Micki's Dance Connection

Class attendance is very important for all competitive dancers. Please notify your teachers for illness or any family holidays. Please try to plan any family holidays and trips on the school holidays as we take the same breaks as the school system.
Once choreography begins, attendance is mandatory! If you must miss due to illness or other, please notify your teacher. NO more than 3 missed choreography days should be missed. Please try to respect this rule.

All competition dates are mandatory.
All students must participate in their groups before they can accept solos, duets & trios.
Competition entry fees and all other competitive fees MUST be paid in full by the due dates provided!

Competitive Team Jackets:
Competitive team jackets are strongly encouraged by all dancers and are to be worn at all competitions and during all awards sessions on stage!
Orders go in during the month of October, and are in before Christmas! See office for more information.

There is NO eating or drinking in any of the Studios or Change rooms. The Homework/Lunchroom has been designated for homework, eating and drinking. There is a microwave in this room. Please put all garbage in the provided garbage cans and clean up after yourselves. Wipe down all tables and microwave with the provided Lysol wipes.

Stage Rehearsal & Recital:
The stage competitive rehearsals are held at the Sanderson Centre for the performing arts in the months of February or March. All group routines will be practicing on stage and there is an additional fee for this and is mandatory for all competitive dancers to attend.
Recital dress rehearsal: Thursday, June 16th, 2022
Year End Show Recital: Sunday, June 19th, 2022

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