Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre is an energetic, fun form of theatre combining music, songs, acting and dance.

Musical Theatre is offered to all levels ages 7 years and up.

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Hair: Long hair tied back.
Attire: Track pants or shorts & t-shirts.
Shoes: Clean indoor running shoes or bare feet.

Student Expectations

1. Proper attire and foot wear is to be worn in all classes.
2. Hair is to be tied back neatly and kept out of your face. For ballet a bun is required.
3. If you are going to be absent please call and leave a message at the studio. There are no refunds given for missed classes.
4. A positive and respectful attitude is to be maintained in the studio.
5. Please tidy up after yourself in the studio and in the change room.
6. All students need to arrive promptly at each class, if you enter the classroom a little late please enter quickly and quietly.

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